Updated / Beyond Good & Evil 2 is real! Joygasm!

Update: For a closer look, check out the first screenshots in the gallery.

Gleeeeeeee! I’m dancing around like a five year old girl who just got a new doll and a pink dress on the same day. At Ubisoft’s Ubidays ’08 press event that just ended around 30 minutes ago, Ubisoft showed a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2!!!! (<—-still not enough exclamation marks) A trailer for a game that was only rumored to exist. I can’t quite put words together at the moment as this is possibly some of the greatest news ever. My hopes for this game ever coming out had been all but destroyed, but here it is!

The video, which is all in-game footage, is beyond gorgeous and while we only get a brief glimpse of Jade sitting under an umbrella while stranded in the middle of some desert, there’s plenty of Pey’J to enjoy. If this is really the games engine running I might just collapse on the ground and never move again. I thought bombshells like this were reserved for E3. Needless to say, Ubi is keeping tight lipped on this but I swear on the life of my mother that every drop of information that comes out on this game will be reported here. Now to skip around my office singing a happy song.

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