Lara Croft gets man arrested

This is nuts. A 42 year old man from Manchester, UK was arrested, held for 13 hours, and charged with a firearms offense after the police mistook a life sized Lara Croft statue in his hallway for a gun toting maniac.

David Williams, who owns a games shop had been given the statue as a promotional item. As there is no new Tomb Raider game to promote just yet, he decided to sell it on Ebay and so took it home. The police were called to his house in response to Mr. Williams reporting some harassing phone calls, but when they saw the silhouette of someone holding a gun, they sealed off the street, kicked the door in and, once they realized they couldn’t arrest the statue, nicked Mr. Williams instead.

The overreaction of the police in this case is utterly deplorable, but is (maybe) understandable in this post-9/11 world where everyone is paranoid and the police have been given much greater powers in order to help them in the “war on terror” (how can you go to war against a noun?). What is difficult to understand is why, once they had realized their mistake, they didn’t put the door back on its hinges, apologize and leave?

I don’t know the answer to that but I bet it has something to do with playing GTA 4 for too long. Yeah!