Updated / New Prince of Persia trailer, screenshots aplenty

Ubisoft are really laying it thick this week with Prince of Persia information, not that we’re complaining or anything. Right after treating those lucky, lucky fellows down at IGN to a little peak into the world of the new PoP game, which is now named Prince of Persia: Heir Apparent by the way (Update: or not), they’ve dropped the bomb with another nice handful of new screenshots and a brand new trailer, this time from their Ubidays ’08 press event.

While some might complain that the trailer is most certainly not in-game footage, lacking that “illustrative” quality that Ubi Montreal keeps banging on about, it is still great to see the new Prince in some pre-rendered action.

The biggest proverbial bomb this new trailer drops is the introduction of a new character and ally for the Prince, Elika, a young lady who by the looks of things is also an Olympic gymnast. It may just be a symptom of the CG nature of the trailer, but I am not liking their little mid-air acrobatics one bit. They look over exaggerated, beyond the fantastic and into the ridiculous. I hope in the actual game the movement will be something slightly more subtle and understated, the likes of which we saw in Assassin’s Creed.

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