Street Fighter IV makes its commercial debut on CBS

Capcom is definitely putting some effort into promoting the upcoming Street Fighter IV — besides the constant flood of updates about the game hitting the net at a regular pace, they’re now also branching out to television commercials. If you live in the US and are looking to see the first on air commercial of Street Fighter IV, tune into CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights (check local listings) at 9 PM EST. The commercials will be making their debut after the first MMA (mixed martial arts) bout, when unsuspecting viewers will get a first glimpse of Street Fighter IV in 30 and 60 second doses.

Displaying even more media savvy, Capcom will also launch a redesigned in less than three days, in time for the commercials, allowing those who need a good dose of all things SFIV related to watch a new “artistic” trailer showing Guile and rookie character Abel duke it out, and also pre-order the PS3 and 360 versions of the game exclusively from GameStop, the incentive being a limited edition collectible Street Fighter Tribute artbook that contains artwork from top comic book and videogame artists.

So here’s a quick question — which do you prefer, getting badgered by game store clerks trying to push pre-orders on you or seeing a commercial that ultimately pushes you to do the same thing?

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