Venetica coming to 360 and PC, more RPGs are always a good thing

Any news involving more RPGs for the 360 and the PC is good news. After the recent spate of JRPGs released to prove that the 360 had an RPG library, things seem to have died down in that area for the system. In steps dtp entertainment to deliver Deck 13’s Venetica, a new RPG that definitely looks different from the few screenshots we got of it.

The story seems pretty unique too. In the era of Venetica, Death walks amongst humans doing his job and every so often an organization known as the Corpus must choose a new bringer of death…who brings death, I guess. Well, the ever-powerful organization in question seems to have slipped up and granted that power to an evil necromancer who wants to destroy the world, probably while laughing maniacally. Luckily, Death wasn’t so busy killing people that he didn’t have time to get it on (though who would sleep with death is another question entirely). It’s the outcome of Death’s sexual activity that you play as. Her name is Scarlett and she has no clue that she’s Death’s daughter or that she is the only one that holds the key to saving the world and ending the evil necromancer’s maniacal laughter.

That’s all we’ve got right now other than a vague release window of 2009. But if the game continues to look promising you can be sure TVGB will bring you more.

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