Guitar Hero Mobile one of the fastest selling gaming in history gaming history that is. Yeah, this should come as a surprise to no one — the mobile version of Guitar Hero III has nearly went platinum, or close to topping off a million in sales to use standard lingo.

Quite a feat considering the game dropped this year and is already doing quite well, as well as being, you know, a mobile game and all. David White, cheif executive officer of developer Hands-On Mobile had this to say: “Fans of the Guitar Hero console games have been very impressed with the titles translation onto BREW handsets,” as well as alluding to the resources of the *ahem* casual market “Guitar Hero III has opened the eyes of a whole new group of consumers to the world of mobile games.”

Already gearing up for an encore, Hands-On Mobile has announced that there will be an additional song pack arriving this June, cleverly called the Guitar Hero III Mobile June Song Pack, that will include an original recording of Stricken by Disturbed, as well as covers of Talk Dirty to Me by Poison and KISS’ Rock and Roll All Nite.