New skins to customize your handheld gear

Portable gaming is the way to go for those of us that are always on the run. People can spot us squinting through the sun glare on our handheld while riding the bus to work, during lunch breaks or waiting in any number of lines. What really screams “I love my portable gaming” though is personalizing your gear.

GHskinz has just added custom skins for the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite, Apple iPod touch and the iPhone at $4.99 to $10.95 a pop. Customers that buy skins for the PSP or iPhone will also get a link to download a matching background at no charge. What’s more, if you buy a PSP skin you also get sent a free screen protector.

Matt Witek, co-founder of GHskinz said, “Our new skins for the DS, PSP, iPhone and more offer people a chance to give their accessories a bit of personal style and flair.”

Other than handhelds and the recent addition of Wii and Xbox 360 skins, GHskinz also has you covered for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Next to guitar skins based on guitars from Zack Wylde, known best for his work as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, they also have skins for your drum set as well as mic covers, stands, drum sticks and guitar straps. Happy pimping.