Another look at Tom Clancy’s EndWar voice commands

Tom Clancy games have been around for quite a while now, and while most games in the franchise have occupied the FPS space, Ubisoft has recently started to make entries into other genres as well. One of those entries is the upcoming real-time strategy title EndWar, which follows a very Clancyesqe plot in which, after almost a decade of peace, depletion of the world’s natural resources has lead World War 3. The player will take command of one of three customizable factions — U.S., Russia, or Europe — and battles in various landmarks across the globe.

Currently, playing RTS games on consoles can be a clumsy affair due to the limitations of the controller, but EndWar promises to change that with the ability to play the game entirely with voice commands. In a demo that was given at Ubisoft’s recent Ubidays 08 event, the developers showed that not only do the voice commands work, but they work pretty well. The developer in charge of controlling the game was able to utilize several different units including troops, tanks, and helicopters who were all fighting on different areas of the map. As seen from the video above, simple verbal commands such as “unit 3 secure bravo” and “deploy gunships” were sufficient to get your troops moving.

Being the huge fan of RTS games and anything Tom Clancy that I am, I have to say this game is looking more and more promising. My only concern is that the voice commanding won’t end up being quite as fluid as it’s being demoed as. But, I guess we’ll find out when the game ships later this year.

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