DS game ready to break smoking habits

Nintendo looks to be running for humanitarian of the year. First they vow to get us into shape while enjoying ourselves with Wii Fit, and now Ubisoft has teamed up with Nintendo with the sole purpose of kicking smoking habits. Announced at Ubidays 08, Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking will be released in November on the Nintendo DS. The game is based off the best-selling book of the same name which has been published in 50 countries. This new interactive way to stop smoking is one Ubisoft feels will be a most pleasant experience. Christian Salomon, vice president of worldwide licensing at Ubisoft said, “Ubisoft’s creative team has worked hard to deliver a game that successfully communicates Allen Carr’s Easy Way method via play. The player experiences a truly interactive engagement with the game through which he or she learns that it can actually be enjoyable to quit smoking.”

So how does this method work? Any smoker would tell you it’s not so easy to just stop cold turkey. The key seems to be to convince yourself that smoking does not comfort or bring about any pleasure, that’s supposed to eliminate the idea of unhappiness once the quitting process begins. In the game itself, players will enter details of their smoking routines. You then select your personal coach, and begin the games various activities until you can maintain smoke free. Ubisoft worked side by side with experts from Allen Carr’s team to bring about the most realistic clinical simulation.

I can’t say this is a bad idea. Who could be against people trying to stop smoking? I just want to know what’s next for Nintendo in the world of good health? A tooth brushing simulation where you strive to prevent tooth decay and fight off massive plaque armies? I call that one Tom Clancy’s Plaque Buster.