New RE5 trailer introduces Chris’s new lady friend

Details were released not too long ago about the story behind Resident Evil 5. And now we have another new trailer to go along with all those words, one that introduces Chris’s new partner who’s supposed to accompany him in the game and can be played by any second person on the fly.

Something cool to notice in the trailer is the weird looking entity that sometimes falls out of people’s mouths before they stuff it back in. It reminds me of Las Plagas from RE 4. The explosions are to die for (pun intended), and now I am now throughly convinced that every place on this planet houses explosive barrels in some form.

Being a die hard Resident Evil fan, I could go on forever talking about this trailer. But I’ll spare you for now so you can enjoy this 2:26 clip of what I hope to be one of the biggest and funnest games of 2009.

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