Demo for Dracula: Origin out now

The point and click adventurer Dracula: Origin is due out on June 6, but you can sink your teeth into the action right now (sorry for the pun…couldn’t be helped) — Ascaron Entertainment has released a playable demo for the “fearsome” PC game.

Not to be confused with Double Helix’s home console survival horror Harker, which has been put on permanent hiatus, Origin was developed by Frogware Studio and is a Gothic retelling of Bram Stoker’s original masterpiece. The game uses 2D environments with 3D characters, pulling off the creepy vibe very well. Players take on the role of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing as he tracks the great vampire through London, Egypt, Austria and finally Transylvania.

The storyline does deviate from Stoker’s a bit though. Dracula isn’t just trying to move into London and brave the modern world, here he’s seeking a mysterious manuscript that will give him the power to raise the dead. As Van Helsing you need to stop him, take on his minions and protect the lovely Mina from Dracula’s affectionate embrace.

For the brave, the ~600MB demo for Origin can be downloaded here: Direct link