Get your charge on with Nyko’s 360 controller base

I can’t speak for the rest of the 360-owning populous, but I’m getting mighty tired of having to scrounge up my Play & Charge cords every time I want to have a marathon session of GTA4. It’s just annoying, and it’s even more annoying if I don’t manage to notice the damn blinking lights before the controller completely dies on me, stopping me dead in my tracks during a particularly intense mission. It looks like I just might have found a solution in Nyko’s new Xbox 360 charge station (more photos in the gallery).

The charge base plugs into your standard wall outlet and holds two controllers for simultaneous charging. The package comes with two replacement battery packs for your 360 controllers which feature the contact points that they are charged through. Charge time is said to be less than two hours per controller, which is pretty respectable. The base also lets you know when the charge has been completed via its two LED indicators. Each charge lasts 25 hours, which is considerably more than my worn out Microsoft battery packs. It will be interesting to see how the battery packs hold up over time, since that has always been the biggest hurdle of rechargeable power supplies.

The charge station has been shipped with an MSRP of $34.99, but if you want to really show off your bling, you can order a limited edition version of the base with a gold/black color scheme, which also looks to go well with Elites, directly from Nyko’s website starting June 2nd.