Golden Axe: Beast Rider trailer debuts

Gametrailers just got a world exclusive teaser trailer for Golden Axe: Beast Rider and it is fan-tastic! While the teaser is just that — a terrible, terrible tease — it is full of action. Get ready to see people cut in half, beast fights, skin and a lot of sand. Yeah, this teaser just shows the desert wastelands, so you’ll see plenty of sand.

Golden Axe is truly a classic game and for many was a deciding factor in going with SEGA back in the day, other than that blue rodent thing and well, you know, Mortal Kombat with the red blood. I can not begin to count how much of my allowance went to playing Golden Axe in the arcades.

Check the trailer for yourself. Go ahead, get nostalgic. Remember how freakin sweet Golden Axe was and see how the trailer makes us think that it will be again.

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