Nintendo building new virtual cities in September

The Sims namesake is very recognizable from the super casual gamer, to the Master Chief loving frag monkeys. Nintendo is combining its namesake in conjunction with the different playing styles of the Wii and DS to bring SimCity Creator to the public this fall. SimCity Creator will allow players to create their own virtual paradises spanning all the way from the likenesses of ancient civilizations, to the modern day architecture of the 21st century. EA and Nintendo assure us that this will be the most “light hearted” SimCity title out of all the other iterations. The Wii and DS versions will offer completely different gameplay aspects that could make this game a part of the respective collections of both platform owners.

In the Wii version of SimCity Creator, you play the mayor of your infant city. As the mayor, it is your civic duty to build everything from homes, business, huge hulking towers, and everything in between. Hero buildings can be constructed to give your city its own distinctive look and feel. Think of it as your own personal Hall of Justice. New to the series is the ability to create transportation systems, you could build a monorail across the whole city if you saw fit. You’re also given the option to take to the sky and get a birds eye view of everything you’ve created. The cities themselves can also be varied in terms of culture. So far, there are American, European, and Asian style themes to select from. There are 13 city styles in all with more to be announced in the future.

Where’s the fun in creating a virtual city if you can’t completely annihilate it at will? The Wii remote will act as your wand of destruction as you summon forth tornadoes, earthquakes, or even monsters and robots to turn your city into a smoking crater.

The DS version of SimCity Creator starts off with your city in ancient times. You have to successfully evolve the city through the many different eras of civilization, ultimately ending up in the future. The play modes offered are Challenge, Free Play, Chance Encounter and Gallery. Free Play is self explanatory, but the other modes seem to offer specific goals to overcome making strategy more important.

SimCity Creator will be available on September 22 in North America, and September 19 in Europe and Asia.