Super Mario RPG coming to Japanese VC

There are lots of great games in the world. There are a decent amount of truly special games. There are far fewer games that can truly be called classics. Super Mario RPG is one of those. Thus it brings me great joy to tell you that we are only one continent away from receiving the game on the Wii’s VC service. The guys over at Siliconera have discovered a list of the games being released in June in Japan and Super Mario RPG is on top of a few other great classics. The game is going to cost you an extra 100 Wii points as it is coming in at a cost of 900 points instead of the usual 800 points for a SNES game.

Hopefully, as has been characteristic of the VC, this means that we will be seeing SMRPG stateside some time soon (and Europe side after that). I’m glad to see Nintendo isn’t forgetting about the VC with all the fuss of WiiWare at the moment and still deems it fit to give us some great classic gaming. It is truly one of the best features on the Wii.

The full list of games coming out in June for the Japanese VC follows (starred items indicate a June 3rd release):
Famicom (500 Wii Points)
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa *
Transformers: Convoy no Nazo
Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu
Yoshi’s Cookie

Super Famicom (usually, 800 Wii Points)
Super Mario RPG (900)

Sega Master System (500)
Rambo* (called Ashura in Japan)

Mega Drive (usually, 600 Wii Points)
Phantasy Star IV (700)

PC Engine (600 Wii Points)
Power Tennis*
Days of Thunder (800)
Blazing Lazers

Neo Geo (900 Wii Points)
King of the Monsters*
Ninja Commando
Art of Fighting 2

Eggy (delayed until further notice)