Having trouble finding Wii Fit in the US? Blame the economy

Wii Fit, like all things first party released from Nintendo, may be hard to find no matter where you live in the US. Is this due to not enough supply for the demand or are Ebay sellers snatching up fifteen copies a piece to make a profit? While there have been numerous reports that the field of videogaming in major markets usually remains healthy even when faced with with slow or poor economic conditions, prediction analyst extraordinaire Michael Pachter believes that the current economic conditions in the US are affecting the supply of Wii Fit.

“We’re seeing companies ignore their largest market simply because they can make a greater profit elsewhere,” said Pachter. So is Nintendo losing money by selling Wii Fit to consumers in the US? Considering that in the US it costs $90 and in Europe it cost $140 (not mention the Euro sure is kicking the dollar’s rear), you don’t really have to be an economist to see that Nintendo makes more money elsewhere..