New Spore news sends us back to the Stone Age

By now I’m sure a lot of us know a little bit about Will Wright’s Spore. Its premise has the player in control of the most basic form of life, and must evolve the creature over time. There are five phases of life we’ll see in Spore — the Cell Phase is first, followed by the Creature Phase, Tribal Phase, Civilization Phase, and finally Space Phase. Like they’ve done for the last few weeks, EA has now released information about the Tribal Phase of the game and what we can expect to see in terms of gameplay.

The stage begins with your tribe being the first on their planet to discover tools. With these tools you can pick fruit or go on a hunt with your fellow tribesmen and, while you’re at it, you can also capture and ultimately domesticate animals. However, food is the most important thing at this level of the game and sort of acts as your currency. Using food, you can choose to befriend other tribes and purchase more tools and accessories for your own tribe.

The main goal of the Tribal Phase is to either defeat or form an alliance with five other tribes on round rock, which leads to the forming of your civilization and, you guessed it, the Civilization Phase. Super powers will also be available for you to use and depending on how you played the previous phases, you’ll be given access to two out of six unique powers.

We can all get in touch with our inner amoeba when Spore pops into existence on September 7, 2008.

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