Faking the Band – Wasting away inside the fire… [6/3/08]

Faking the Band is a weekly feature detailing the latest in downloadable content for Rock Band.

Alright, Ashton, come on out. Bring the rest of your crew out, too. You got me! You pulled a fast one on me. I mean, Jimmy Buffett as Rock Band DLC? And on the same day as Disturbed tracks? Why, that’s ridiculous! I don’t know why I believed it for even a second. I’m just so gosh darn gullible, you know? So let’s all come out and reveal the cameras and finish this little trick, eh?

Guys? Hello? Come on now! This isn’t funny anymore! Hello?

Well, it appears that I have not, in fact, been Punk’d. I suppose the story of June 3’s DLC really is no practical joke, only a strange truth. Jimmy Buffett really did re-record three of his most popular songs for Rock Band, and three tracks from Disturbed’s new album Indestructible will be available at a discounted price at the same time. This is, by far, the queerest combination of tracks for Rock Band I’ve ever seen. On the one hand, gulf and western, beach bum tunes. On the other, nu or alternative metal, dark and aggressive anthems. What promoter thought they would compliment each other? Is there a fellow at Harmonix searching for a lost shaker of salt and slaughtering every living being in his quest?

If next week sees a duo of Kenny Chesney and Slayer, someone better bring me a straitjacket and cart me away, because I’ll have checked out of the Reality Hotel.

Jimmy Buffett Pack [160 MS points per song / 440 for pack]

  • “Margaritaville” [MASTER / NEW RECORDING]
  • “Cheeseburger in Paradise” [MASTER / NEW RECORDING]
  • “Volcano” [MASTER / NEW RECORDING]

Disturbed Pack [80 MS points per song / 240 for pack / limited time pricing!]

  • “Indestructible” [MASTER]
  • “Inside the Fire” [MASTER]
  • “Perfect Insanity” [MASTER]