Matchman, a new IP for DS, Wii and PS3

How’s this for a new IP? Above is a glimpse of the just announced Matchman for the Nintendo DS, Wii and PlayStation 3. The game focuses on humor (what? can’t tell already?) and its black and white line drawing is meant to give the game an old Sunday funnies kind of feel. The gameplay is described as a “side scrolling shooter involving extraordinary graphics, manipulation and creative features.” The plot puts players in the role of Matchman as he adventures through a story that combines classic fairy tales like those found in Grimm’s and Anderson’s tales.

One interesting feature the DS version of the game will have is called “Commuter,” which is designed for people using public transportation. This mode allows the game to be played one handed, so you can use your other to hold coffee or just hold on for dear life.

Matchman comes as the first part of a two year deal with Lexicon Entertainment and Chinese game developer TF-H. This agreement will enable TF-H to get their new IPs released cross platform all over the world, while enabling Lexicon to expand its partnership in the Asian market.

What does this partnership mean for gamers? Expect to see more of Matchman and other new IPs in the near future. Matchman is scheduled to release Q1 2009 for the DS, 2Q for the Wii and 3Q for the PlayStation 3.