Afrika details finally revealed, unofficially

At E3 2006, Sony showed of some damn pretty footage of a game called Afrika. Then there was nothing until 2007 when there was some more nothing, and a trailer. But now in 2008 we finally have details on the ridiculously good looking game. Of course it isn’t any sort of official confirmation, it’s a listing on a Japanese game store — dutifully translated by Google but hey, it’s still something. So what is the game all about?

  • You will be a photo journalist taking pictures on foot, by car or by air balloon
  • You can unlock real non-CG pictures and rare research footage of the animals as you encounter more animals in the game and build up your “Animal Library”
  • The game will be out on Aug. 28 for 5980 yen (US$50) in Japan

Sooooo, it’s Pokemon Snap. Well, hopefully, it’s a much more advanced version of that classic Nintendo 64 game but, yea, I was looking forward to something a bit more substantial. Hopefully, this isn’t all the game includes. If you’re allowed to roam freely throughout the land and the land is really massive then that is going to be a substantial and amazing difference, especially with the processing power of the PS3. Plus if the game folds out in real time and you’re never sure where your next great photo will pop up than you’re really talking. I don’t know about unlocking real photos and rare footage but if there is one thing I learned from Snap it’s that getting a fantastic photo is probably one of the most satisfying things to do in the world of gaming. I’m looking forward to E3 where we’ll hopefully get some more information on the game.

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