Chris Svensson on Spyborgs: The game will be epic

Ah… not a minute after the news of Capcom’s new Wii exclusive Spyborgs was announced, fanboys were up in arms over the new IP. Many had such high hopes after Chris Svensson made comments about an exclusive Wii title, but Spyborgs? This was an outrage!

Many who had never or read a single word of impressions on the game were basing their views on the artistic “kiddie” design of the trailer. Some disgruntle gamers even threw Capcom to the wolves by suggesting that the company was on the same level of Ubisoft, making promises of high quality Wii games and not backing up their words.

Chris Svensson, Capcom’s Vice President of Strategic Planning & Business Development, in his usual go ’round of the Capcom forums did what he does best, that is let gamers know the deal, “Dark Void and Spyborgs are the two biggest titles our office is working on. To say that either of them isn’t an incredibly high priority for the company, with major resources against them would be a pretty big misunderstanding of the reality,” adding “This is a game that is incredibly thoughtful in its design, incredibly varied in its mechanics and will be incredibly fun to play (both alone or with a buddy/son or daugther/father or mother) when its done.”

Svensson is never one to hold his words on the forums, and even managed to throw one back at rabid fanboys writing the game off as “kiddie” from the trailer saying: ” The initial reaction here I swear is the EXACT reaction so many of you posters had when we first revealed Zack & Wiki. Somehow, Z&W is now a posterchild title for the Wii in your eyes. Mark my words… you will feel exactly the same way about the level of quality in Spyborgs when it is done,” and finishing off his points stating: “This is a big, epic game. A far cry from typical Wii shovelware.”

Personally I don’t really see what the big deal about the game’s artistic styling from the trailer is? I mean you could argue Svensson is just towing the company line with his statements, but look at what Capcom has done on the Wii so far (Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Okami) and it’s pretty clear that they’ve offered up quite arguably some of the better third-party quality titles on the Wii.

This is the same company responsible for Mega Man, Strider, Ghouls N Ghost, Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, and Devil May Cry, so given their track record you’d think just knowing that this is their latest IP would be enough to get people hyped, or at the very least have a bit of faith in the game being worth playing. Maybe it’s just me but I find writing off a game from a company with a track record like Capcom’s based off of a trailer a little bit presumptious.

We can expect Spyborgs to hit the Wii sometime in 2009, only time will tell if Svensson was telling the truth or half of it, when the game is actually played and not looked at.

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