Dokapon Kingdom to destroying friendships

There are plenty of party games out there, especially for the Wii, but until today I’d never heard of one boasting it can help you lose friends. Atlus has announced a new “party RPG” called Dokapon Kingdom for the Wii and PlayStation 2. The gameplay is a mixture of an RPG and a board game — up to four players navigate different playing fields where they can explore, kill monsters, level up, gather treasure and find secrets. Dokapon Kingdom promises “never the same game twice,” with numerous battles, magic spells, mini-games and multiple playing modes to add replay value.

The premise is basic with a rich kingdom being attacked by monsters and the king has asked you to help save the kingdom. The prize is his daughter’s, Princess Penny’s, hand in marriage and to rule the kingdom. The problem is that you’re not the only hero he made this deal with.

This final part is where the “friendship-destroying” part of the game comes in. While you’re dealing with the monsters and your own treasure seeking, you also have to look out for your friends. “Playing dirty is the name of the game,” as you battle, steal and deface your friends on your way to the crown starting this October 14.