This week on Xbox LIVE Arcade (6/4/08)

Following the recent file size and price limit increases on XBLA, Microsoft continues to up the ante with a double helping of Xbox LIVE Arcade titles this week. Both Aces of the Galaxy and Roogoo, are eagerly awaiting for you to download them.

Aces of the Galaxy is an old-school space shooter with flashy new graphics and it certainly looks good, but the screenshots reveal precious little about how the game will actually play. Aces also faces a bit of an uphill battle in distinguishing itself from the billions of other shooters available on XBL Arcade. The outer space theme doesn’t exactly scream original, but the upgradeable weapons and co-op gameplay are promising.

On the other end of the spectrum, Roogoo is so unique it almost defies description. Let’s just call it an action puzzler where you rotate platforms so that shapes can fall through them. If that’s not clear enough for you (I know it isn’t), check out our very positive hands-on from NYCC. Both games retail for 800 Microsoft points.

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