PS3 losing three future releases

Recent reports out of Sony HQ don’t bode well for gamers looking for more games to add to their library of PS3 games — Getaway 3 and Eight Days, two games which were put on pause “due to the redistribution of resources and budget,” have been permanently terminated.

Both games were being developed at Sony’s London Studio with some footage of Eight Days shown all the way back at E3 in 2006.

On the tail of bad news, EA has commented that the PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 has been put on hold as they focus on the 360 and PC versions.

“We can confirm that the development of Red Alert 3 for PS3 has been put on hold. EALA is focusing resources on development for PC and Xbox 360 which will ship simultaneously this autumn,” EA PR Manager Jonathan Goddard told GI. This news comes after EA’s Red Alert 3 Community Manager hinted something was up with the PS3 version by saying “I can’t speak of the PS3 version right now” earlier this week.