Tecmo shares fall as Itagaki leaves

Need proof that big name game developers can have as much influence over their industry as big name film directors do on theirs? Take a look at Tecmo’s stock price cause it isn’t as shiny as it used to be. After the very public departure of Itagaki from Tecmo, the companies’ stocks have dropped a whopping ten percent in response. Originally at 1,102 yen ($10.40) at market close on Tuesday, June 3, they have now dropped to 982 yen ($9.27) at the time the story was published. Pwned!

Tecmo has said that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding that they believe should have been kept private. I bet they feel that way even more when they look at these stock numbers. In the long run this probably doesn’t matter since Tecmo still has plenty of quality games in its line up like…uhhh…well there is…ummm…DOA! No, wait, never mind. Still, the company isn’t about to go under, right? Maybe this is a good time to grab the stock while it’s lower and make some quick yen off of it. Then again taking stock advice from a gaming site is probably akin to taking parenting advice from these people.