Ubisoft: PSP lacks direction and desperately needs it

In a recent interview interview, Ubisoft’s Rob Cooper has called out the PSP for being a system without direction. Claiming that Ubi believes the system can do great things but just isn’t, Cooper says that they’d love to develop on the platform if Sony would just tell them what the hell they were doing with it. Cooper said in the interview that “Sony needs to show us a bit more about what its plans are to convince the publisher to invest lots more money into it. Especially when you’ve got the DS selling at such a tremendous pace.

“I suppose it’s almost too technical for the casual person, those that are buying the DS at the moment want a few buttons and not a lot more. It’s so simple what [Nintendo] has done. That’s where I think Sony has gone a little bit too complicated, they’ve over-specced it, the price is too high and they need to go back to the drawing board and start again,” he added.

I don’t know about it actually being too technical for the casual person but if you pick up a PSP and hold it next to a DS I can tell you which one looks simpler. Add in the fact that it has a strange UMD format and all those other gizmos and doodads jammed into it and someone who just wants to play a portable game could get plenty turned off.

Cooper does mention that if Sony got its act together with the PSP then it would be a great system even going as far as calling the portable “beautiful.” So all hope is not lost, especially since the PSP is selling faster than both the Wii and DS in Japan meaning it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Or, maybe that does mean all hope is lost, something that sells that well isn’t going to change any time soon.