Afrika trailer confirms rumors

For the longest time, the gaming world has pondered the question, “What the heck is Afrika?” Since being first seen at E3 2006, not much has been spoken of it. Some even began to write the whole thing off as a fancy tech demo to display the power of the PS3. Earlier in the week, some unofficial details surfaced from a Japanese game store about the game’s purpose and it looks like those rumors are true as seen in a newly released trailer.

Like the trailer seen back in 2007, you are a photographer who uses different gadgets to get great shots, the most noticeable tool so far being a remote controlled gizmo with a built in camera. The trailer also confirms a real-life photo and video library.

I personally like the day and night cycles, as some animals are only active at night. It would however be nice to see real time weather changes as well. The only real question remaining is why did they decide to spell Afrika with a “K?”

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