Codemasters tuning GRID for Japan

Codemasters have announced that they will be bringing a localized version of Race Driver: GRID to Japan in this winter. Japanese motor racing already has a pronounced impact on racing games, and GRID already features Japanese specific content, including Drift and Touge race events and locations that include Tokyo Shibuya, Yokohama and Haruna. It would seem nothing short of idiocy not to bring something so heavily influenced by Japanese racing culture back home to Japan.

“As Codemasters continues to gain significant ground in the global videogame business, the release of Race Driver: GRID in Japan will also see the arrival of the Codemasters brand as a publishing label in the market,” said Rod Cousens, CEO, Codemasters. “We have pursued options in the market for some time and this announcement is but a first indication of our ambitions in that market.”

On release, the Japanese edition of Race Driver: GRID will come complete with a full copy of the latest iteration in Codemasters’ other major racing franchise, Colin McRae: DIRT. While DIRT is reasonably dated and will be even more so when it actually arrives on Japanese store shelves, this is a deal that still represents brilliant value.

“The recent success of key western titles in Japan is indicative of the current trend where Japanese gamers are not only more aware of popular western gaming brands but actively seeking them out,” continued Cousens. “With Race Driver: GRID set to be fully localised and arrive bundled with Colin McRae: DIRT, it is an opportune time for Codemasters to enjoy brand success in Japan.”

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