GTA IV episodic content hits a roadblock

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even gotten half-way through GTA IV’s main quest yet, so the prospect of additional content for the game is really moot at this point. Some folks, however, have completed Niko’s epic struggle and are yearning for more. It seems those gamers will have to wait just a tad bit longer than expected for the much-hyped additional episodes of Liberty City.

Take-Two has announced, via it’s Q2 financial reports, that the promised episodic content would be making a move from Q4 of 2008 to Q1 of 2009. This means no more adventures for Niko this holiday season. That is of course, unless a portable version of GTA IV is in the works. When asked about this rumor, Take-Two would neither confirm nor deny it. No surprise there.

Additionally, their report insisted that this delay was not due to development hick-ups, but rather some portfolio balancing. I can understand Take-Two’s financial reasoning behind doing this. IV has blown away every game in sight in terms of launch revenue, and the sales charts seem to confirm that this trend is not slowing. In fact, via the same report, the company noted that 78% of all revenue for the quarter was directly linked to sales of the GTA franchise. I guess crime does pay after all…

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