Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood trailer dashes onto the scene

Just like his one time rival Mario (it isn’t a rivalry anymore, Mario won), Sonic has been featured in almost every game type under the sun – sports, board games, platformers, puzzle games. But, unlike Mario, the RPG has alluded our speedy friend and if current trends in quality are any sign, one would assume this was probably a good thing. Then in comes BioWare, bringing us Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and yet again our hopes are raised that a Sonic game can be truly great once again. I mean, it’s BioWare and it’s an RPG, how can this go wrong? It’s not like Sonic Team is around to mess it up this time, right?

The video doesn’t show that much gameplay but we already know a lot about that anyway. What it does show is that we won’t just be dealing with Eggman this time around and that every character, welcomed or not, seems to be returning. So why do I think this will go horribly, horribly wrong as Sonic games are wont to do? Well, if you’ve ever played a Sonic game or watched the cartoon you know that the blue hedgehog’s plots are lacking to say the least and the characters are about as developed as a Polaroid picture right after it’s been taken. Think of that but stretched out into the 100 plus hours it takes to complete an RPG. I don’t know if I can stand Sonic’s cooler-than-though attitude for that long. Still, with all this doubt in my mind I am once again excited for a Sonic game. Who knows, with this coming in the fall and Sonic Unleashed arriving sooner than later we could be seeing Sonic’s new heyday. Right? Please? Pretty please.