Commando 3 will hit XBL Arcade with a cool bonus

After a long delay, the PLAYSTATION Store has finally seen its weekly update, bringing with it a few demos and two full games. One of those games is Capcom’s Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, which is an arcade-style shooter with 3D HD graphics. The game allows for 3-player cooperative play either locally or online, which I hear makes it a much better experience overall. If a Contra-inspired, machine gun battlefield is not your cup of tea, 360 owners will get a special gift from Capcom should you choose to fork over 800 MS Points for Commando 3.

All those who purchase the game will be granted access to the highly anticipated Super Street Fighter II HD Remix beta. The beta will only happen on Xbox LIVE Arcade, so PS3 owners will almost certainly be weeping come June 11. Gamers who never got to witness the majesty of Fei Long, or the forgettable T. Hawk for the first time in 1993 will certainly see what all the fuss was about.

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