Starkiller revealed as character in Soul Calibur IV

The screen above (more in the gallery) and the trailer below show Vader’s “secret apprentice” Starkiller (yes, really) in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV. For those of you who don’t know exactly who this Starkiller fellow is, good. He’s a bastardization of canon who was made up so a game could be made and doesn’t deserve your attention anyway. Of course if you don’t take these things quite so seriously then he’s just the lead in the upcoming Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Anyway, bastardizing canon shouldn’t be that unexpected with the Soul Calibur series anyway. We all remember a little appearance by Spawn, right?

I’ll admit I was a bit excited when the Vader/Yoda announcement was made since light sabers are awesome and fighting with them is even more awesome. Plus, who really cares about the real universe of Soul Calibur anymore? However, inserting a little known character from a game that hasn’t even been released yet into SC is just a bit too much no matter how bad ass he looks in the video. I mean the guy doesn’t even have a gaming rep yet and your tossing him into one of the best fighting franchises ever? I don’t know, seems kind of like grasping at straws to me. Does this mean I won’t be buying the game? Hell no. From the the looks of it Starkiller will probably be one of my favorite characters, that doesn’t mean I don’t get to bitch about it though. What else is the internet for? For more up

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