Team Fortress 2 firing up another update

After successfully launching new weapons and achievements for the Medic class in Team Fortress 2 , Valve has let gamers in on what the next update will entail — in addition to the soon to be released Meet the Sniper trailer, fans of the Pyro will be happy to know they’re next in line for new in-game content. The achievements themselves have not yet been released, but we do know about a new melee weapon whose features cause anything but a singe.

The Pyro’s new melee weapon is called the Axtinguisher. Once again, these new weapons require a certain amount of strategy to get their full effects. The Axtinguisher by itself can only inflict half as much damage as the regular axe. If you happen to set someone on fire, the Axtinguisher will guarantee a critical hit every time. Needless to say, this weapon will be absolutely useless when battling other Pyros.

Valve also promises “some significant changes to the Pyro class for everyone, regardless of whether they have unlocked any new items.” We will have to use our imaginations for that one. There isn’t a release date yet other than the promise of the content being close to done. I can hear the muffled war cries now…