Thompsonwatch: Jack Thompson storms out of hearing, issues formal objection

A few weeks ago a collective cheer went up amongst gamers when news broke that Florida judge Dava Tunis recommended that attorney Jack Thompson be found guilty on 27 of 31 misconduct charges brought against him by the Bar. Now the cheers are building to a deafening roar as gaming’s most vocal (and insane) enemy reels from another blow. At the end of Thompson’s June 4th hearing, Tunis recommended enhanced disbarment, which would ensure that for the next ten years, the only bar Thompson will saddle up to will be the neighborhood drinking hole.

Another highlight occurred when Thompson issued a formal complaint, and then left the hearing, which was still in progress. Entitled, “Thompson’s Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions ‘Hearing'”, the lengthy document contains plenty of Thompson’s patented colorful language. He begins by claiming that Tunis is not, in fact, a judge, and that he will “accomplish [her] removal from office in the days and weeks ahead.” He goes on to call the Florida bar “fascist” and “anti-Christian”. Surprisingly, between the barbed comments and general incoherence, the objection was peppered with legal precedents and other convincing arguments (convincing to this layman, at least).

Regardless of the strength of his arguments, however, it looks like Jack Thompson is finally going to reap the consequences of all his fear mongering and blatant lies. Tunis’ official report is due to the Florida Supreme Court on September 2nd. If this matter continues on its present course, that will truly be a day to celebrate.