Will Wii Fit work? Week 2

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve already done week 2 last week. But technically that was only one week into it and really the first post should have been named something like “The Beginning” or “Genesis,” though the latter would probably just make you think I had found some retro SEGA game. The point being that this is really week 2, last week was week 1 and thus I have decided to repeat week 2 in the title. You’ll just have to cope with the problems this causes in the time space continuum. I apologize.

Moving on, I think I’ve got my schedule worked out for this thing in that I actually ran three days this week along with going through most, if not all, the exercises. I’m enjoying it and find myself far more flexible than before which is great. No major leaps in muscle mass or weight loss or anything but just a better feeling since I’m working out every day. Also, I think I’m watching what I eat better and I’m definitely randomly snacking a whole lot less. Every time I pick up a bag of chips I fear the repercussions of the balance board.

All this being said, like anything you do daily for two weeks, some stuff is starting to get on my nerves. Now that I have everything open it takes a damn long time to do it all. I’m talking nearly a two hour commitment and while that’s fine when you’ve got that long to work out for something that’s supposed to be quick and easy there is plenty of stuff keeping it from being that. Everything takes longer because you can’t skip anything. The trainers always comment after every exercise despite having nothing new to say and all you want to do is skip through it but you have to waste time watching your scores and hear them babble. It seriously adds at least 20 minutes to the whole workout because your tapping A furiously trying to move it along. I was fine with it in the beginning but now it’s just boring and repetitive. Cut scenes you can’t skip are so two generations ago.

That’s a minor annoyance. What is really annoying, and potentially harmful, is having to weigh yourself every day. I’m sorry, I have a thick skin (shirtless shots on the Internet prove this), but watching my body weight go up and down every day is just plain demoralizing. Some days you just go up in weight and Wii Fit doesn’t seem to want to hear about it. I feel sorry for the poor teenage girl who might go up a pound and then is asked what she did wrong that made her gain that weight. Sure Wii Fit is right about it but it’s harsh no matter how you word it. It really can’t be mentally healthy to be weighing yourself this often and then to have the game chide you if you miss a day like you let it down is just ridiculous. You’re supposed to take at least a day off from exercise a week to let your body rest but I haven’t heard a single word about that from Wii Fit. I’ll keep on weighing myself every day because I’m doing this experiment but if I wasn’t, I think I’d cut it down to every three days or something so I could see actual change and not just the random weight my body goes through each day. On the other hand, I’ve become far more obsessed with my posture and being healthy so I guess that is a benefit.