Former LucasArts employees confirm KOTOR 3

If around 100 employees get sacked, some disappointment is bound to turn into gossip. Rumors from ex-employees about unconfirmed LucasArts games is a gas, but one special rumor makes me giggle like a girl having a pillow fight – The unannounced Knights of the Old Republic III (KOTOR 3) is going to be an MMO!

Although we’ve already heard this before, it feels good hearing it from different sources. How reliable a recently fired employee can be, is still up for debate though. The sacked employees are said to have worked for LucasArts for many years and across the whole ladder, from testers to programmers to producers. I guess the credibility isn’t top notch, but still, I want to believe!

Either way, a KOTOR MMO developed by BioWare would be truly awesome. LucasArts’ Star Wars Galaxies was a reasonably good game, but this would be so sweet I can almost taste it already. I guess anyone who has played the original KOTOR games have been waiting for something like this since the closing credits came rolling down.

Together with the excitement comes a bunch of questions — will you be able to play as a good-minded Jedi Counselor or as a vicious Sith warrior? What kind of races will there be? How will the fighting system turn out? How large will the galaxy be? Playing BioWare’s Mass Effect gave me some KOTOR-vibes and wouldn’t it be great if KOTOR 3 looked something like that?

The ex-employees have also been talking about other titles not yet announced. The much awaited Battlefront 3 (said to be in development at Free Radical Design), as well as another LEGO Indiana Jones game.

LucasArts has not yet made any response to these statements. Maybe these rumors will force (PUN!) them to make some announcements to clear things up. One can hope.