Burnout Paradise’s latest patch detailed and dated

Criterion’s Burnout Paradise will receive its third update in the shape of the Cagney package to be made available for download on 10th July. “What does that mean exactly?” I hear you cry. Well, three new Freeburn game modes and seventy Freeburn Challenges (along with mandatory leaderboards), two extra vehicles, three new liveries and a plethora of fan-requested bug fixes comprise this rather juicy amount of DLC.

Perhaps most intriguing is the Marked Man mode which sees a group of like-minded destructive drivers ganging up on a solitary racer as they try to complete the course; cue yet another tirade of expletives through your headset. Stunt Run, as the name suggests, requires you to compete simultaneously pulling off stunts. If this sounds a little too cooperative and friendly for your liking then fear not, as smashing into your rivals will kill their scores and help you gain multipliers. Road Rage on the other hand demands one team to race through a series of checkpoints while another tries to stop them. The thought of communicating and coordinating your efforts should allow for some really interesting gameplay, and the prospect certainly gets my road-rage juices flowing.

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