Crisis Core PSP comes to Europe

One thing that really sucks about being from the PAL territories (England in may case) is the utter lack of special and collectible editions of hardware and software available compared to Japan. I know that there is a grain running through Japanese culture that seems to predispose consumers towards the idea of collectibility. I mean, just look at the ridiculous and continued success of franchises like Pokémon, Monster Hunter and the development of Otaku culture. But, that doesn’t mean because I’m in the western hemisphere I dont have a similar affinity. It seems like somewhere along the line, some big-wig in charge of localisation said “They don’t want this product available in 18 different colours and they never will!”. Well sorry, but I do!

That does seem to be slowly turning around however, the PlayStation 2 is now available in three different colours (though that took till the end of the product’s lifecycle to happen so it doesn’t count). Even the DS Lite, which was available in White, Pink and Black at launch still paled in comparison to the versions and variations available on the other side of the world.

I’m not just talking colours either, though a White PS3 or Mint Green DS would be nice. I was literaly putting holes in my wall with a crowbar Gordon Freeman style when I discovered (and wrote about, with a tear in my eye) that Japan was getting a Bathing Ape themed DS. I want that! I want to spend ridiculous amounts of money or niched branded products that I know deep down that I dont need!

Anyway, rant over and on with the real news. The reason I’ve been thinking about this is that SCEE has announced that it is bringing a Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core PSP to the growing collection of similar themed versions of the handheld. Though the library is growing at a rate of nots rather than knots and this is almost a year behind the Japanese release, it is nice to see them atleast try.

The new PSP (pictured) will come bundled with the game on its release on June 20 and will retail at around 190EUR.