Faking the Band – Brought to you by the Dew [6/10/08]

Faking the Band is a weekly feature detailing the latest in downloadable content for Rock Band.

“Hey, kids! Have you ever wanted to play your plastic guitars to the music of bands even you’ve never heard of? Well, now you can! Introducing the MTV2 Pack, a fun and exciting way to grope a path through the muddled swamp of samey, up-and-coming music.”

Enough of the Super Soaker-esque pitch. Honestly, I have no idea who the bands in Tuesday, June 10’s MTV2 Pack are. Apparently, the pack’s stars, The Myriad, The Material and Them Terribles, were the top three placers in last year’s “Dew Circuit Breakout.” Having never seen this musical charade, I can only assume that these groups worked the words “Mountain Dew” into their songs the most, thereby winning the contest, that is, if you can call slavery at the hands of a corporate soda giant “winning.”

Of course, if the confusing sounds of fresh-faced bands powered by glowing, yellow-green substances don’t intrigue you, then a single is swooping in to rescue you from boredom. Yes, a single, as in “one song.” The track “Girls Who Play Guitars” by the slightly-more-recognizable outfit Maxïmo Park will hit the Rock Band marketplace on the same day.

Decisions, decisions. Now please excuse me while I evade the dangerous fists of Mountain Dew’s PR strongmen.

MTV2 Pack [80 MS points per song / 240 for pack]

  • “Moving To Seattle” – The Material [MASTER]
  • “A Clean Shot” – The Myriad [MASTER]
  • “Bullets & Guns” – Them Terribles [MASTER]

“Girls Who Play Guitars” – Maxïmo Park [160 MS points / MASTER]