Gammick and EnjoyUp destroying fairy tales one gunshot wound at a time

For what is surely one of the more bizarre DS titles announced in quite some time, Gammick Entertainment and EnjoyUp Games launched the microsite for their newest game – Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ.

A vertical shooter, Zombie BBQ pits the formerly-hooded-now-scantily-clad young lass and her over sized shuriken-wielding partner Momotaro against a horde of blood thirsty bastardizations of beloved storybook characters. Momotaro, interestingly enough is indeed the Momotaro of Japanese folk tale fame. (Don’t ask questions; the game takes place in storyland.)

Zombie BBQ’s gameplay seems to resemble fixed shooters like Galaga and Space Invaders. As the stage moves forward, players use the DS stylus to move their character side to side along the bottom of the screen, tapping the undead enemies to deliver their belated annihilation. Players can execute the cleverly-named “sexy dodge,” by double-clicking Hood or Momotaro.

The cast of storybook characters that players will get a chance pump with lead includes – but hopefully, is not limited to – favorites like Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and Santa Claus. Curiously, the Big Bad Wolf is notably absent from the cast of major enemies, assuming he and the enemy “?” on the microsite aren’t one and the same. Of course, I’d wager that it’s a safe bet that that’s the case.

No word on multiplayer action, or a release date. Or how barbeques come into play.

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