Ready at Dawn shuts down PSP development

One of the most successful PSP developers has now officially said they will no longer make games for the system. Ready at Dawn announced that they will be ceasing all development for the PSP and have already boxed up the PSP development kits that were issued to them by Sony, and will soon be sent back.

Most will remember RaD from their original Daxter title that now comes bundled with the PSP, as well as what some consider to be the greatest PSP title ever, God of War: Chains of Olympus. Ready At Dawn director Ru Weerasuriya stated earlier this year that their PSP work was coming to an end, but I think alot of folks just didn’t want to believe it was true. Now, however, they’ll have no hope to cling to as RaD’s official website declares that they are done will PSP development. The site states that it is “the end of an era” at the studio, which is sure to bring a tear to the eyes of many PSP owners out there.

Ready at Dawn was also responsible for the recent port of Okami for the Wii, which had some rather comical cosmetic issues of its own, but we won’t hold that against them. No word yet on what in the world RaD is working on at the moment, and they’re keeping pretty tight lips about any projects they have on the way. If you’re taking this news particularly hard, you might take some comfort in the last sentence of the announcement: “Can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store…”