See your design or paints in Warhawk

For a while there PS3 gamers had some pretty limited choices when it came to quality online gaming. Luckily one of those limited choices was the superbly fun Warhawk which, from my experience with the game, is one of the best ways to have a dog fight out there, but that may just be because it gave me something to do on my friend’s PS3 when I was babysitting the thing. How then do we pay back the good people at Incognito Entertainment for giving the PS3’s online connection purpose for so long when few others would? Well, I suppose I could start by actually buying a PS3 and the game, but for those of you who already have one maybe you could help them out with this contest.

Warhawk‘s designers are looking for some new paints and insignias to go into the game and they want the players to deliver them. From now until June 23rd you can submit new insignias and paint schemes for the Warhawk and Nemesis aircrafts. Then those entries will be judged by a panel from Incognito that will include Dylan Jobe, Warhawk’s Game Director. Entries can be submitted either by email or via the Warkhawk forums.

Do you think you have a flare for jet paint jobs? Been dying to finally see that insignia with a bear fighting a shark in the middle of the ocean while also sword fighting with a giant lobster from the moon who has laser beams shooting from his eyes in a game? Well get to it. All the technical info and know how you need is right here. If you design a paint job and insignia that resembles TVGB in some way I promise to give you a hug.