New UT3 360 screens, Gears of War 2 “video content”

In case you had forgotten – since the game has already been out on the PC and PS3 for so long – Unreal Tournament III is coming to the 360 in early July. Been worried about it? I wouldn’t be. These new screens make it look just as pretty as its PS3 counterpart. You also won’t have to worry about downloading all that content that has been added since the game’s release because the 360 version will come complete with all the previously released downloadable content. But wait there’s more! You’ll also be getting five, count em’, five exclusive levels not released before. Not enough for you? How about two new characters and support for split-screen modes!? That do anything for ya?

You want more? How frickin’ greedy can you get? Fine. How about the game also includes exclusive Gears of War 2 content. Yup, it’s being reported that a sticker on the front of the Unreal Tournament III box art is advertising “Exclusive Gears of War 2 video content on disc.” Do we know what that means? No. Maybe some gameplay, maybe Cliff “too mature nicknames” Bleszinski dancing the hula. Either way, it’s a nice little bonus tacked on to an already great game. I hope that is enough to satiate your Scrooge McDuck-like greed.

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