Portal 2 still alive and looking for talent

The majority of people who’ve experienced Portal found it refreshingly addictive and unique. We learned a while ago that a sequel was being planned, but everyone was tight lipped about any details. That is, everyone except one person who tipped off Kotaku about a casting call for one of Portal 2 ‘s main characters.

The offering contained some very descriptive details about this new character, as well as a concept photo. Since I’ve gone over the story I know there are spoilers coming, so if you’re the type who loves surprises in the days where every bit of info can be compromised with a mouse click, think twice before moving on.

The person in question can very well be Portal 2‘s antagonist. His name is Cave Johnson and he happens to be the CEO of Aperture Science, who’s a very outspoken and charismatic person that everyone seems to trust. The memo also reads how Johnson starts off as a sidekick, but will later become a more prominent character. He will speak with an American southern accent, and will gradually begin to lose his grip on reality as the game goes on. Some early script samples from the game state that after Johnson dies, he is brought back in a computer. Chances are he may direct you around just as GlaDOS did.

What we can reasonably take away from this description is that Portal 2 is a prequel. Cave Johnson was dead when the first game took place. The fact that the facility was abandoned – and GlaDOS’s speakings of flooding the facility with a neurotoxin backs that up a little.

For now though here’s the concept art for Cave Johnson. He kind of looks like George Bush Sr. doesn’t he?