Duke Nukem Forever footage on The Jace Hall Show

What’s the difference between Duke Nukem Forever and Batman Forever? One’s a videogame that’s been in development for over twelve years, and one is a terrible movie. Get it? I hope not; it wasn’t a joke. The Duke Nukem Forever footage that appeared in the inaugural episode of The Jace Hall show is no joke, either.

The Jace Hall Show, which airs on Crackle.com, aims to depict gamer culture by highlighting developers and celebrity gamers. The episode above reflects this goal, starting off with an interview with Heroes star Greg Grunberg, and concluding in a sit-down with 3D Realms’ George Broussard and Scott Miller. The discussion with the Nukem designers ends with Hall playing the game on camera.

Unfortunately for those few gamers that still care about Duke, the footage is brief and not terribly revealing. Hall was careful not to give anything critical away, as he made painfully clear in an IGN interview. After all, he’s focusing on the people, rather than the product. But he did make his point, concluding, “I saw it. They have been working. It’s not a myth. You’re going to be pleased.”

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