Get ready for Soul Bubbles, the next “phenomenon” for the DS

If you’re into handheld games and you’ve already finished The World Ends With You twice, then get ready for what Eidos Interactive hails as “THE new phenomenon on the Nintendo DS” — Soul Bubbles.

In Soul Bubbles you play a young shaman apprentice put in charge of saving lost “souls.” To do this you encase them in a protective bubble and then guide the bubble and the souls to safety. Gameplay is mainly controlled by the stylus as you draw your bubbles, deflate them, cut them, connect them to other bubbles and direct the wind to move them through each increasingly dangerous level. The bubbles will also be used to deal with other obstacles like filling them with water to put out fires.

The game will feature 8 different worlds with over 40 levels total and promises to push the physics capabilities of the DS to its limits. Eidos declares that Soul Bubbles has been designed for the next generation of casual gamers. Brand Manager Ray Livingston said, “Every single person who has picked up this game has fallen in love with it instantly. We can’t wait to introduce the world to Soul Bubbles.”

Thankfully the wait won’t be long. Soul Bubbles will release across Europe June 13 and in the US June 30.