Ubisoft banking on PSP success

The PSP took a rather large blow recently with the official closing of PSP development at Ready At Dawn, the folks who have created some of the best PSP titles to date. In a rather timely announcement, Ubisoft decided to take the PSP news feeds in another direction by announcing that they have approximately a dozen titles lined up for the PSP for release this fiscal year.

“By way of further clarifying some recent statements made in the press, Ubisoft wants to reaffirm that it strongly supports the PSP, which holds a unique place in the market, addressing dedicated gamers and offering unprecedented power in a portable console,” an unnamed spokesperson was quoted as saying. This is certain good news for PSP owners, but it’s all about the quality of the titles that are in development. Ubisoft is no stranger to movie-licensed PSP games, with Beowulf and Surf’s Up being released just recently, so lets hope that the majority of the in-progress titles steer clear of that trend.

The PSP has been coming under some serious scrutiny lately, and I think that it’s about time some western developers realize that it is a completely viable platform for the gaming populous. Japanese companies like Capcom have been making money by the boatload with titles like Monster Hunt in Japan and it’s only a matter of time before before a game hits U.S. shores that will have gamers lined up for them once again.