Blow a Tornado on your Nintendo DS

As if the weather wasn’t bad enough already in the Mid-western US, Ignition Entertainment taunts us with a game that allows you to control tornadoes. Ignition is bringing Tornado for the Nintendo DS to the US, in a partnership with Japanese developer Success Corporation — the same partnership that brought us Zoo Keeper on DS.

Players take the role of the Cosmic Cleaners who have to get back all kinds of things from Earth that have been stolen by an envious Prince, who stole them with his “Black Hole Device.” The Cleaners use their “Tornado Machines” to suck up everything from random items, to vehicles, people and whole buildings and take them back to Earth. Could this be the next Katamari?

Control is done by both the stylus and the DS microphone. Not much detail is given other than that, but I imagine that you may have to blow into the mic to get the tornadoes going. This actually sounds pretty cool, but add that mechanic to the fact that the Cleaners travel to Planet 69 to find Earth’s stuff and it just gets a little wrong.

Other than a full story mode there will be three additional ways to play and keep us playing. Arcade mode allows players to go back to defeated levels and pick up things they missed with an upgraded Tornado Machine. Battle mode has players competing head-to-head, though it doesn’t sound like it will be online. Finally, Bonus mode lets players look at all the Earth objects they have collected as well as listen to soundtracks they found.

Hopefully they will consider a name change in the game, that or I’ll just have grow up a little bit before Tornado touches down this fall.