Mystery Capcom Project #1 = Mega Man 9?

Like the triumphant return of Indiana Jones, Capcom’s original Blue Bomber may be suiting up (powering up?) for his first adventure in over ten years. According to Australia’s Classification Database (essentially their equivalent to North America’s ESRB), Capcom — or more specifically Australian distributor Red Ant — applied today for classification of Mega Man 9. The classification report makes mention of the game’s version being “original” as well as “multi platform”.

Could this be one of the two previously reported Capcom mystery games set to show at E3? Only time will tell. Or some serious investigative journalism. Or bribery. Whatever dirty tricks utilized, I’m sure rabid Mega Man fanboys will unearth every detail possible between now and July, when E3 kicks off.

Now if only that other mystery title could be a new Breath of Fire