Yet another movie game with Igor… yesh mashter

Exodus Film Group and the Weinstein Company are putting a new spin on the mad scientist scenario with the animated film Igor, which comes out this September. Of course this slightly dark family movie will have a videogame tie-in developed by Legacy Interactive and co-published by Interactive Game Group (I2G) and SouthPeak.

The story focuses on Igor (voiced by John Cusack), who’s forced to serve his mad scientist master. We all know Igor from his million or so incarnations (best in Young Frankenstein), but what we didn’t know is that the hunchback himself dreams of becoming a mad scientist and winning the Evil Science Fair.

The Wii and PC versions will allow players to take on the role of Igor, Eva (an evil invention that isn’t “evil”), Scamper (experimental reject?) or Brain (the one that looks like a bubble gum machine with a brain in it). Gameplay is single or co-op as players fight enemies and follow the storyline through locations seen in the movie.

The DS version uses the stylus for combat and puzzle solving. Players will also get to create their own monsters to help with puzzles and to fight other mad scientists.

Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak said, “This is a great property and promises to be a huge hit when it comes out this fall. We love the fact that the game is able to capture the elements of the film so well and turn it into a fun, interactive environment.”

If you like kid movies, or you have kids that like hunchbacks the movie does look interesting. If you really like the movie maybe the game will do something for you, so good luck with that.

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